#00 Pilot: Holy Roller, Google Fonts, Obamafont!

#00 Pilot: Holy Roller, Google Fonts, Obamafont!
Drinking with Designers

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In 2016, friends recorded one episode of a podcast that encompassed design, tech, beer, and good times. It’s now 2019 and this podcast is coming back. In the pilot episode (2016) of Drinking with Designers, Kasey Randall and Jay Casteel talk Urban South Brewery’s Holy Roller IPA, Google Fonts, the Obama Font, the evolution of Google’s Material Design, and much more. After many years later this podcast is being resurrected with special guests, new stories, insights, and booze! If you liked the episode, please subscribe, like, rate on wherever you listen to podcasts! Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!

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