I enjoy creating things, breaking things, bringing people together, and slaying dragons. This site is a curated collection of my work, process, results, and a place to humble-brag about my adventures.

This is my story.

I'm Kasey.

Problem Solver. Entrepreneur. Dragon Slayer.

I use design to tell a story and technology to solve problems. I've moved the needle and made mistakes. I've played it safe and pushed boundaries. I ask tough questions but listen carefully. I'm involved in the design community and bring people together. I've worked across humble startups and massive corporations. I'm proud of all I've done so far and excited for what's to come. Learn more about me or what it means to slay dragons.

Product Designer.

Informed UX. Intuitive UI. Solid Product.

Slaying dragons is solving problems. From startups to industry titans I've been largely successful at solving user problems and business challenges across a variety of apps and platforms. I believe in building solid, human-centered solutions driven by research, informed by data, and inspired by instinct. I leverage insight and experience to help navigate the course from idea to product, delivering end-to-end solutions enjoyed by millions. Take a look.

At SiriusXM, I'm proudly helping build the new website experience. From customer account manangement to the re-imagining of Sports, I lead interaction and UX design initiatives while working with a talented team to launch the Phoenix redesign. See it

Keeping Physicians up-to-date

Through Toptal, I worked with directly with the Director of Product at Knowledge to Practice to help elevate the user experience of their app, CurrentMD. I created, tested, and implemented highly requested product features, helping Doctors keep up on learning.

Providing amazing rentals

Taking the opportunity to help a friend, I led the redesign of this website from the ground up. The client needed to get their properties into renters hands. I created a simple UI and borrowed familiar patterns to help users find and book rentals quicker and much easier – making the client happy.

Knowledge Seeker.


Senior UI/UX Designer + Lead

Washington, DC
Oct 2017 - Oct 2019


Product Designer

Location Independent
Feb 2019 - Ongoing


Senior Interaction Designer

Washington, DC
Jan 2020 - Oct 2021


Head of Design

Austin, TX
Oct 2021 - Ongoing


Product Design Lead & Advisor

Remote Jan 2019 - Jan 2022
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Event Host
& Design Mentor

Remote Apr 2020 - Apr 2022
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District Creatives

& Organizer

Washington, DC Jul 2017 - Dec 2021
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Austin Tech & Experience group

Founder & Organizer

Austin, TX Aug 2021 - Ongoing
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Methods of Madness
  • Design Thinking
  • UX Strategy
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Journey Mapping
  • User Flows
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Experimentation
  • Usability Testing
  • Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Design Systems
  • Data Visualization
  • Mobile App UI/UX
  • Web Design
  • System Design
  • Leadership

Dreamer. Doer.

Proud endeavors & side projects.

Over the years I've frequently been involved with hosting a variety of community-building events, workshops, portfolio reviews, podcasting, happy hours, building digital tools and much more.

  • District Creatives
    Co-Founder / Organizer

    The fast growing fellowship that promotes a diverse, collaborative community of like-minded professionals... Learn more

  • Amazing Design People List
    Event Host & Design Mentor


  • Drinking with Designers Podcast
    Co-Founder / Host

    Bringing together thought leaders and design professionals from around the world to let loose, share insights, and tell stories while taking a few drinks to the face. Listen Now

  • Make America Dinner Again
    DC Chapter Head

    In a time of political divide there's nothing more positive than bringing people of opposing views together over food... Learn More

  • Face the Force
    Co-Founder / Designer

    High quality head shots of Star Wars characters now for your designs & prototypes! Start Using

  • NOLA Pokecrawl β€’ 2016
    Co-Founder / Organizer

    I lead the efforts behind the quick-to-fade, viral phenomenom, the Nola Pokecrawl. Based on Pokemon Go, this meant-to-be-private Facebook event quickly had thousands from all across the states "attending". Businesses were throwing money at us to participate. We capped the crawl at 500 "Trainers", designed and sold merch, held costume contests, band performances, and more. We even had to acquire a parade permit with police escorts! We partnered with the local LA-SPCA and raised over two grand for the pups and kitties in need.

Community Leader.

If you build it, they will come.

Founded by Vincent Wanga and I, District Creatives is a nearly 3000 member fellowship of Designers, Developers, Artists, Architects, Photographers, Craftsmen and Creatives alike. We strongly promote and curate a diverse and collaborative community of like-minded professionals and innovators. We emphasize and encourage strong member engagement, casual networking, creative social events, inclusivity, mentoring, peer collaboration and civic pride. Our group is open to all, without bias or pretension, even if your creativity is not professionally defined, so long as your interests align. Join us for upcoming activities and creative opportunities to hangout and collaborate around the DC Metro and beyond. Learn more.