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"Kasey expertly showcased how AI is transforming the user experience landscape, highlighting its potential to enhance personalization, unbiased design, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction."


Hanna Nenadavets

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  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Design Strategy
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  • User Experience
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  • Mental Health

Truth be told I'm a bit rough around the edges and still working on this craft, but let others tell you more about me:

  • "It was really great to hear your perspective on the hiring process and a bit about your work experience."

    Laurie Grant
    General Assembly, Instructor
  • "I think the biggest thing I took away was initiating designs of my own and putting myself out there as much as possible. Thanks again."

    Suwratul Abdullah
    Flatiron, Student
  • "I attended the GA Q&A Wednesday & Is wanted to say thank you. Your honesty was SO REFRESHING!"

    Nicole Gundacker
    General Assembly, Student
  • "I was in the ADPL video call this evening and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and for all of the helpful advice that you shared."

    Jacqueline O'Connor
  • "Hi Kasey! I watched your adplist portfolio reviews last night and wanted to thank you for your time and insight! I gained a lot of advice and ideas that I can't wait to incorporate into my own portfolio! Thanks again!"

    Andrea Little
  • "I was in the Coffee Hours today and just wanted to thank you for taking the time – I really appreciated the attention to detail."

    Evan Linsey

"Kasey was an excellent speaker for our current immersive job seekers. He broke down both complex and fundamental job search advice for our students coming from a variety of experiences in this new industry with positivity and encouragement. I'd recommend collaborating with him for future panels and classes."


Lupe Colangelo

General Assembly, Instructor


  • The Future of Design & Creativity

    Austin Tech & User Experience (ATX)

    I had the opportunity to drop some knowledge and personal thoughts on the advancements in generative AI as well as new tools and apps with their potential affect on certain industries now and in the future.

  • The Impact of AI on the Customer and User Experience

    CMSWire Connect

    In this master class session led by Kasey Randall, Design Leader & Founder of ATX Meetup and Raj Krishnan, Director and Industry Digital Strategist at Microsoft, we explored the game-changing impact of Artificial Intelligence on customer snd user experience. This session covered real-world examples and the latest advancements in AI, providing participants with valuable knowledge and strategies to stay ahead in the evolving landscape.

  • Navigating the Inevitable Layoff

    Beyond UX Design
  • After Hours Uncensored #1

  • Portfolio Edition #1

  • Creatives In Quaratine

    Drinking with Designers Podcast X District Creatives
  • LAYCCA Tech Panel Discussion


    Helping the next generation of underpriveledged teens how a career in Tech is achievable.

  • Sam Bays, Kasey Randall, & Vincent Wanga: The Three Musketeers of Design

    DC Tech Stories

    In the latest season 2 episode of DC Tech Stories, the podcast featuring conversations with local technologists, “The Three Musketeers of Design” talk to host Jessica Bell about finding their place in D.C. and the tech community. Plus, they offer the tale of they met. Bays and Wanga work together at Spoke, while Wanga and Randall started the District Creatives meetup, of which Bays is a member.